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SEVENFRIDAY JMP2/01 Jumper Bracelet

SEVENFRIDAY JMP2/01 Jumper Bracelet
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The JMP2/01 Jumper bracelet deconstructs the push-pull mechanism between the locomotive, the railroad cars and the cab car for the transmission of head end power. With signature industrial revolution elements of antique brass closures at each against a modern metal cable strap, the drive train fully connects with a triple strand effect.

Closure: Stainless steel antique brass treated elements on each end have sandblasted and roughed finishing. The opposing positive and negative ends close to recreate the SEVENFRIDAY logo. Decorative positive (+) and negative (-) signs on each end lock when the negative (-) clasp is inserted into the positive (+) end.

Strap: Braided metal cable in red creates a contrast of hard and soft; metal and antique.

Sizes: S: 15cm wrist diameter (54 cm long) M: 17 cm wrist diameter (59 cm long) L: 19 cm wrist diameter (64 cm long)

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