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SEVENFRIDAY JMP3/01 Jumper Bracelet

SEVENFRIDAY JMP3/01 Jumper Bracelet
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The JMP3/01 Jumper bracelet restarts the industrial engine battery by connecting to an electrical supply. With trademark black and red elements, the black alligator clips on each end connect when wound around the wrist three times. Four engine red leather loops accent the matte black leather strap.

Closure: Black PVD stainless steel element with sandblasted and brushed finishing on either end close to form the SEVENFRIDAY logo. Decorative positive (+) and negative (-) signs are applied on each end. The moveable negative (-) clip locks the bracelet closed when inserted into the fixed positive (+) clip.

Strap: Black matte suede leather strap with black stitching and 4 decorative engine red leather loops.

Sizes: S: 15 cm wrist diameter (54 cm long) M: 17 cm wrist diameter (59 cm long) L: 19 cm wrist diameter (64 cm long)

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