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SEVENFRIDAY PST1/01 Piston Bracelet

SEVENFRIDAY PST1/01 Piston Bracelet
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The Piston PST1/01 bracelet takes inspiration from the industrial essence universe. The stainless steel 5-layer cylinder represents the movement within a cylinder, either to compress or transform energy imparted; evocative of its use in manufacturing plants. The result is a versatile statement piece suitable for everyday wear.

Piston head: Stainless steel head with 5 layers, brushed frame and edges, a sandblasted surface with two decorative screws and a polished SEVENFRIDAY logo. (23.8 mm [D])

Closure: Stainless steel element with brushed edges, framing the sandblasted slots. (10.57 mm [L] x 13.7 mm [H])

Fixed element: Brushed stainless steel element with sandblasted slot. (9.87 mm [L]x 7.74 mm [H])

Strap: Braided brown leather strap with dark brown leather loop closure

Sizes: S: 15 cm wrist diameter (21 cm long) M: 17 cm wrist diameter (23 cm long) L: 19 cm wrist diameter (25 cm long)

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