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Shibaful Turf iPhone Case

Shibaful Turf iPhone Case
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“Shibaful” is the world’s first lash lawn mobile accessories brand attached with electrostatic flocking technology.
With a thought to make the comfort of a lush lawn closer, we created an iPhone case that is based on Yoyogi Park. Located in the center of Tokyo, Yoyogi Park is filled with delicate and smooth Japanese grasses. We apply a top coat to minimize the loss of the piles, preventing the souring of its smooth touch. Please be forewarned for the following.

– This product is only the case, NOT accompanied by iPhone or any other devices and tools in the pictures.
– This product does not protect from all dirt to your devices.
– You cannot put on this product on other cases.
– We are not responsible for any damages, accidents and trouble when you apply this product.
– There are potential for breakdowns of this product if you repeatedly put it on and off.
– There are individual differences of touch and colors.

– The piles easily absorb dust as they are close-implanted-hairs.
– The piles be lost by use and aging.
– Do not place this product in any place where it will be subjected to direct sunlight or high temperatures and within reach of babies.
– This product is non-flash-photography-compliant. If you take a photo with flash in dark, there would be green color of piles into the photo. This phenomenon does not come up without flash or putting off this product.
– The specifications, design, and this document are for reference only and are subject to change without notice.

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