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Shift Tech Table

Shift Tech Table
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SHIFT is a truly modern table, carefully designed to meet the demands of everyday 21st century life.

Beautifully made to suit both living and office space, and traverse the increasingly blurred line between the two, the SHIFT table keeps you discreetly connected while yielding a large, clear and smooth space to operate.
Its subtle lines conceal a number of innovative features designed to sweep away digital clutter – banishing it from both sight and mind by literally making it part of the furniture.

Its smooth table top conceals a discreet spot for seamless, wireless charging, while a hidden central hub provides ample room for stashing away hardware.
A cable slot runs the length of one table leg to channel electric cables away from the work space, and in the pro model, a full width hidden drawer blends into its side – perfect for keeping keyboards and tablets close at hand while at the same time safely stored away to charge.

The SHIFT table can be customised with a range of finishes and tailored to different dimensions, with lengths between 70 and 94″.
Tech Packs include:
Urban Plus – Wireless Charging, Central Hub and Tableslot in Leg.
Metropolitan Pro – All of the above + Side Drawer.

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