Shiro Cat Light

Shiro Cat Light
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If all cats had their way – and they pretty much do – they would look a lot like the Shiro Cat Light. Shamelessly rotund, over-fed and happy as can be. Giving off a smug and contented glow while remaining absolutely adorable, of course. Contrary to ‘normal’ cat-handling advice, if you give this miniature moggie a gentle prod or tap on its soft belly, it’ll switch between three different levels of brightness, as opposed to clawing you to death. Shiro also runs on a rechargeable battery so you can keep this kawaii kitten powered up with the included usb cable and pop it wherever you please. Our favourite feature? It won’t be sick all over the carpet, scratch the bejesus out of your furniture, or meow at the top of its little lungs at four o’clock in the morning! Anyway…

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