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Shoot N Shake Scoop & Funnel

Shoot N Shake Scoop & Funnel
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The ShootNShake allows you to easily put a powdered substance into a water bottle. Package comes with two sizes: 30, and 50cc. The possiblities are endless with the ShootNShake. Use it for flavored drinks, Protein Formulas, Pre work out drinks, Baby formula, and much more! Just simply Scoop your powder, place it over the water bottle, release, shake, and enjoy. It’s just that simply. You can then toss the water bottle instead of having to deal with a smelly cup.

No more Smelly, Dirty Shaker Bottles to take home to clean, use the ShootNShake® Scoop with a Disposable Water Bottle
No more Sticky, Smelly Powder on the counter – the ShootNShake® Scoop prevents spills

The ShootNShake® Scoop can be used with Almost Any powdered drink supplement
The ShootNShake® Scoop is virtually the same size as the standard scoops
Take your ShootNShake® Scoop, Water Bottle, and Supplement with you to enjoy a fresh drink when you need it

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