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Shot Gun Flask

Shot Gun Flask
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Far be it from us to design a whole product based around a tenuous bit of wordplay, but sometimes these things can spawn classics. The Shot Gun Hip Flask has been finely blurring the lines between firing shots and drinking them for years now. Made from stainless steel with a capacity of up to 4oz, it could be argued the gun emblem on the side is a sophisticated metaphor for the lasting damage alchohol can do to a life.

Alternatively, it could just be because it looks pretty cool … especially next to the bland hipflasks of the sort your grandad used. For the ultimate in drink related gifts, why not have it engraved with a message for the spirit drinker/cowboy in your life? Since we’re in the realms of wordplay, we recommend something about being finished after 6 shots … or always shooting from the hip (flask)?

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