Shower Steamers Choice of Scent Essential Oil Shower Fizzy

Shower Steamers Choice of Scent Essential Oil Shower Fizzy
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Shower Steamers, the next best thing to soaking in the tub. Experience the aroma of premium essential oils carried through the steam in your shower. Perfect for someone who prefers a shower over a bath. Shower steamers come in 3 wonderful combinations of scents: Hello World!: Great for a morning shower. Let the aromas of lemongrass and orange essential oils wake you up and say ‘Hello World!’ Rescue Me!: Great for congestion or clearing a stuffy head. The aromas of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils clear your sinuses and stuffy head. Also great to add a small piece of tablet to a bowl of warm water to release oils and get a more concentrated effect. Stress-B-Gone!: Let your stressful day melt away! Premium essential oils of Lavender and Rosemary calm and soothe. Please note, to get the best experience from your shower steamer place as close to you as you are able without placing directly under the stream of water. Lets face it, most of the aroma is going down the drain, you don’t want that. i like to place the steamer up closer on a shelf. Wet occasionally to release the aroma.

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