Shutter laser cut wooden bracelet

Shutter  laser cut wooden bracelet
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Unique stylish wooden jewelry. This bracelet is composed of 21 wooden blades that form stylish shutter – similar to that of a real camera. The blades are connected to each other by wooden rods, but are free to rotate around it, so the bracelet is flexible and follows the movement of the wrist. The blades are laser cut from 4mm birch plywood board, pulled on the connecting rod manually, the outermost pads are glued on the rod. The pads are polished and oiled. Dimensions: – inner diameter is optional: 60mm / 65mm / 70mm (2 3/8″ – 2 9/16″ – 2 3/4″) – width: 36mm (1 7/16″) – weight: ~100g When selecting the proper size measure the circumference of the widemost part of your squeezed hand – usually across the ‘root’ of the thumb, and select the next size up. Here is the exchange table: circumference -> diameter up to 18.8cm (7 3/8″) -> 60mm up to 20.4cm (8″) -> 65mm up to 22.0cm (8 5/8″) -> 70mm Alternatively you may measure an existing bracelet of yours.

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