Sibley 500 Pro Canvas Tent

Sibley 500 Pro Canvas Tent
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Every once in a while everybody needs some personal time to just get away from everything and convene with nature. And with the right tent, the prospect of going into the woods has never been more attractive. The Sibley 500 Pro Canvas Tent has been a best seller for many years because it provides what it required from a tent and more. If you want to stay more into the wild, you will need to cook food and you will need some camping kitchen accessories to get the things started.

Sibley 500 Pro Canvas Tent features:

  1. The tent is made of thermally welded PVC sheet and it is resistant to water, mold and UV rays as well. Once the tent is set up, the bottom of the tent is raised to at least 4 inches. This way the interior of the tent stays dry even if the tent is set up on a wet terrain.
  2. There is a no-see mesh door attached to the tent which will provide privacy for people in the tent.
  3. The guy’s lines are made with corded nylon rope which makes adjusting the tensioning in the lines easy. This makes setting up of the tent extremely easy even for beginners(say no more! It’s perfect!!).
  4. The poles of the Canvas Tent are made up of nickel plated steel. These are extremely strong and can be pounded even in the rockiest ground.
  5. The pegs are designed to be 50% stronger than traditional pegs and are hooked-shaped to hold the floor in place.

The tent can accommodate as many as 8 campers(this sounds like a partyyyy! 😀 :D). The material of the tent ensures breathability.

The poles ensure that the tent stays in its place even during times of high winds and harsh weather conditions.

The below video will show you how easy is to install this tent. Check it out!

If you are somebody who loves to camp out in large numbers and is looking for a durable tent, then the Sibley Pro 500 Canvas tent is the right choice. It is money worth investing in for the hardcore camper in you!

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