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SIDEKICK Mighty Microfiber Towels

SIDEKICK Mighty Microfiber Towels
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Every car enthusiast knows that microfiber towels are a MUST for the perfect car wash – great for shining, polishing and drying!

These little guys are by your side throughout the detailing process. Perfect for car washing, bike washing, motorcycle detailing.

Our Sidekick line is designed for maximum absorbency superior shine, easy of use and softness. When used with care – mindfully avoiding cross contamination with grainy dirt, gravel or other harmful substances – our towels provide the perfect scratch-free, surface-safe finishing touch. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Sidekick lightweight microfiber towel is perfect for use with the Brush Hero Ultimate Detailing Tool, allowing you to clean hard to reach places. Use this car wash drying towel for buffing, drying, shining, spot-removing detail work. Light, easy to carry, easy to use, extremely absorbent. Super drying towel.

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