Silver Peace Hand

Silver Peace Hand
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Love conquers all. Celebrate with us as we value that little thing that transcends all life. No matter our background, race, color, shape, and language, peace will set us free. Invite a little life into your office or living space. These hand sculptures are perfect for displaying your favorite jewelry and other hand accessories. Grab one for a simple effect. Grab a couple or a few for an item display that looks alive. Mix and match several styles strategically over a choice top decal or design and watch your efforts burst into life in a dazzling yourself, only with artwork worthy of your space.need another style? We offer more hand sculptures in different styles and finishes to fit your unique expression. Specifications:- Color: Silver- Imported- Weight: 1 lbs.- Dimensions (Inches, LxWxH): 4 x 4 x 8

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