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Simon Dog Door Decal

Simon Dog Door Decal
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Feel like you need a dog to cheer up your home? Simon the Sunny Dog is guaranteed to make you smile no matter how bad your day has been.

You can arrange all the elements according to the size of your surface, hence this smug cat will fit on most doors, windows, fridges, closets or wherever you feel you need a friendly face. This decal works wonders for the door to your kid’s room.

Any cutout areas of the design allow your wall color to show through, which gives your quote a natural feel, rather than just looking like a sticker on the wall. Simon comes in different matte colors and is 100% made in Helsinki on order, so please allow 2-3 working days for your Sunny dog to be made.

If you require a different size please let us know before buying!

This vinyl decal fancies smooth surfaces such as doors, mirrors, closets, fridges, furniture, walls..

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