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Sit & Stand Kinetic Desk by Stir Works

Sit & Stand Kinetic Desk by Stir Works
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The Stir Kinetic Desk is the first ever smart, adjustable standing desk, designed to make sure users get the fullest benefit of standing more while working. The desk uses technology to make it effortless to use, more engaging, and to provide users with data to track how much they sit and stand and how many extra calories they burn. The desk has won numerous awards most notable, “Human Interface Product of the Year” at CES in 2015. The founder of the company and ex-Apple iPod engineer came up with the idea after seeing numerous studies that showed that typical push button standing desks rarely change position.

You control a Stir Kinetic Desk from a built-in touchscreen where you access an app that senses your presence, tracks how much you sit and stand, let’s you set goals, learns from you over time, and best of all, signals you when it’s time to move (via Whisperbreath reminders), without interrupting your work flow. Research has shown that Stir Kinetic Desk users stand 8x more often that those with basic push button desks. If you want to stand more while working, get the Stir Kinetic Desk. Engadget called it the iPhone of standing desks, the New York Times called it the best sit/stand experience by far, and the Wall Street Journal said it addresses “…the root of the problem (of not standing)…willpower.”

The desk comes with Wi-Fi which is uses to update the app, and connect to your FitBit sending activity logs of your standing time so you get credit in your daily dashboard. The in-laid, 5″ touchscreen is where you control the desk and see your data. Adaptive technology means the desks algorithms learn from you over time and adjust how the desk interacts with you to ensure you meet your goals. All this technology, along with premium finished and materials mean the Stir Kinetic Desk is ideal for someone actively looking to get the most out of their time at their desk, and be pleased with it’s aesthetic at the same time.

The desk can support 200lbs of dynamic (moving) weight, and comes with a CNC-machined top with a sleek ergo edge, and a tough powder coat finish in black or white. The desk has 4 AC outlets and convenient trays to manage excess cabling, and the bottom of the desk is completely enclosed and neat.

Finally, the desk can be assembled in 10 minutes with a friend. It only takes 8 bolts to be up and running.

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