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Six Pack Foam Can Cooler w/ Party Button by SUPERKOLDIE

Six Pack Foam Can Cooler w/ Party Button by SUPERKOLDIE
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Went to a party / danced all night / drank two (maybe three) beers / came up all right / Now only slightly faded / and you’re in luck / it’s okay leaving early / [not] too drunk to fuck … In tribute to classic punk rock anthems and design, we offer up the I Used To Have A Six Pack can cooler. Sure we’ve dialed it down some, become a little less angsty since then, but at our core we’re forever mohawks, bomber jackets, with plaid pants and creepers, and the odd safety pin.

The BeerGunner – Party Button™ attachment makes shotgunning beer a snap — in seconds flat, without hassle and mess. All you do is insert your favorite lager into the can cooler, open the can and lift to your lips, then press the spring-loaded trigger and all the beer will slide down to your throat. It’s AWESOME AF. Great whenever and wherever getting loose is a good idea.

Product Description

• BeerGunner – Party Button™ Can Punch Fitted & Kitted
• Double-Sided, One-Color Graphic
• Red
• One Size

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