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Skateboard Decks by Paul McCarthy

Skateboard Decks by Paul McCarthy
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Los Angeles contemporary artist Paul McCarthy collaborates with Brussel-based not-for-profit The Skateroom to create a series of skateboards for a charitable project. The 10 decks will feature designs from McCarthy’s PROPO series, which includes masks, bottles, dolls, stuffed animals and uniforms the creative has used in prior performance pieces. When the collection is purchased in its entirety, an 11th deck will be made available. All proceeds will go towards the international NGO Skateistan, which looks to fund the first skate school in Johannesburg, South Africa, helping the region’s underprivileged children.

“After the performances, these objects were either left behind or they were collected and stored in suitcases and trunks to be used in future performances,” said McCarthy when speaking to MoMA, adding, “In 1991, I opened the suitcases and trunks and photographed each item. The group of photographs in their entirety was titled PROPO.” Limited to 250 each, the boards are available for purchase online through MoMA or colette for $350 USD. The first 35 in every design will be reserved for a signed collector’s set, presented in a custom-made flight case, wheels, trucks, bolts and transparent grip-tape.

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