Skull Brain Black by Emilio Garcia

Skull Brain Black by Emilio Garcia
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Skull Brain Black by Emilio Garcia x K.Olin tribu. Series of 50 pieces, all numbered. This new series is black porcelain, not enameled. Made in Limoges , France certified. Measures 16 x 12 x 12 cm. Delivered in a wooden serigraphy. Emilio Garcia was born in the winter of 1981 near Barcelona, Spain. He has a long career trajectory as freelance art director and visual artist. Since 1999 he has worked with such well-known international companies like Berlitz Kids, Hitachi, Diesel, Inditex, Metro, Vans or The North Face among others specializing in motion graphics and multimedia content. His work is published in Taschen Favourite Websites and Web Design Index Books. Now Emilio’ sculptures are currently being exhibited in art galleries, art fairs and museums throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Due his artistic growth and budding success, Emilio is also involved in all sorts of neuro-urban merchandising, from Art Toys to skate decks, mugs, keychains, clothing and many more. Please allow two weeks for shipping.

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