Skull Ring

Skull Ring
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Inspired by images of long lost treasures pulled out of a ship wreck from the bottom cean, i wanted to create a piece that captures the magic feeling of seeing something that no one has else laid eyes on for many years. After much experimentation i feel i have a technique that creates a look as visually pleasing as the treasure that inspired the rings in the first place The facial skull design perfectly suits the aged surface, mixing natural colours together in a way that nature only would achieve over many decades. Handmade with applied self taught techniques to age the surface texture. These rings are truly unique. The applied surface effects can never be repeated identically! Polished out eyes and inside of the ring that give a striking contrast. The polished inside adds smoothness and comfort for easy wearability Crafted in an expert design with lots of detail Very rarely can you buy a hand made high quality piece of jewellery for this price Express your self with this unique ring Delivered by ems tracked and insured postal service

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