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Skyline Bio Ethanol Outdoor Black Torch

Skyline Bio Ethanol Outdoor Black Torch
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“Skyline is a slender architecturally sound structure of contemporary brilliance and beauty. Nestled amongst flowerbeds and foliage of outdoor gardenscapes and highlighting poolside party areas in the courtyard, Skyline is a welcome addition to any indoor or outdoor venue and space.

Painted in a black epoxy powder paint and patterned with a modern motif of geometric linear shapes, Skyline is designed to grace entranceways, the base of stairways, the top of landings, lounge areas, and courtyards with its elegant presence.

A freestanding structure, with a custom Base, Skyline can stand on any solid surface, as well as be mounted 8″ into the ground, without a Base.

By Decorpro Home + Garden.

Each sold separately.
Snuffer included.
Base sold separately.
Fuel sold separately.

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