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SlapSee Pro – Editor’s Review

SlapSee Pro – Editor’s Review
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Today we bring you an incredible new type of sunglasses designed for active people – SlapSee. Imagine a pair of sunglasses that will never fall off, no matter what activity you’re involved in. Moreover when you’re not wearing them you can simply slap them on your wrist, or on your bike handle – or anywhere else for that matter, and they will never fall off. This is thanks to the innovative hinged frame design, which allows the glasses to stylishly fold at the centre. Isn’t that cool!

Beware though: these are not the usual polycarbonate shades you’re used to. The SlapSee sunglasses were constructed using top quality, strengthened, sprung stainless steel, with a tactile silicone coating which feels soft against the skin.

As of now the SlapSee sunglasses are only available on Kickstarter and with a starting price tag of just $17, they’re a still. So what are you waiting for: head over to Kickstarter and pre-order your own pair of Slaps while there’s still time!

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