Sleeveless Latex Swing Dress

Sleeveless Latex Swing Dress
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Our flirty latex swing dress is sleeveless and flares beautifully from the waist. Our latex mini dress fits tightly on the boob to give a fabulous cleavage. The dress is made from .4mm thickness latex and is available in a wide range of colours including translucent options. The skirt has a 17inch drop from the waist, please message if you would like it shorter. Bubblegum, baby pink and aqua options shown It is fully reinforced for strength and durability Size 6 : Waist 25″/67.5cm, Hips 30″/75cm Bust 30″/75cm Under bust 27″/67.5cm Size 8 : Waist 27″/67.5cm, Hips 32″/80cm Bust 32″/80cm Under bust 28″/70cm Size 10 :Waist 29″/72.5cm Hips 34″/85cm Bust 34″/85cm Under bust 30″/75cm Size 12 : Waist 31″/77.5cm Hips 35″/87.5cm Bust 36″/90cm Under bust 31″/77.5cm Size 14 : Waist 33″/82.5cm Hips 37″/92.5cm Bust 38″/95cm Under bust 33″/82.5cm Size 16 : Waist 36″/90cm Hips 40″100cm Bust 40″/100cm Under bust 35″/87.5cm Size 18 : Waist 39″/97.5cm Hips 43″/107.5cm Bust 42″/105cm Under bust 38″/95cm

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