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Slice Ceramic Blade Utility Knife

Slice Ceramic Blade Utility Knife
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The Slice Manual Utility Knife allows the user to choose from one of five blade positions, customizing the blade length for each job (Up to 1″ Cutting Depth). Designed for cutting a variety of materials from clamshell packaging to triple-walled cardboard, combining strength with superior safety features.

On the Mohs hardness scale, Metal blades are rated 5.5 vs. Ceramic blades at 8.2, second only to diamonds. Harder edges maintain sharpness longer, cut better, and require replacement far less frequently. In fact, depending on use, you can go weeks or months without having to replace a single ceramic blade. They also last up to 10x longer!

A single Slice ceramic blade is equivalent up to 10 high-end double-sided metal blades or up to 20 high-end single sided metal blades. In terms of safety, less blade changes also mean less risk of injury.

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