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Slim Tread Ultra Thin Smart Treadmill

Slim Tread Ultra Thin Smart Treadmill
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Just imagine waking up in the morning and having a quick workout anywhere in your home with an extra 4 inches of space.

Or you come home from a long day at the office and unwind getting rid of all that life threatening stress by taking a leisurely walk on your own Slim Tread™ while enjoying your favorite TV program.
You can feel your heart rate begin to climb and you know this is good for your cholesterol, HBP, and stress.
You can feel your body unwinding from the day as your Slim Tread™ slowly increases the speed automatically by reading your bodies signals through exclusive technology called “Smart Step™”.

As you finish your desired workout you simply slide the 49 LB Slim Tread™ easily under your sofa out of the way.
Now you enjoy a glass of your favorite Merlot and smile thinking about how you have tackled your day and stayed fit without annoying anyone with a huge clunk of metal and plastic that is yesterdays treadmill.
The only question… what should you do with your old machine that doubles as a wardrobe full of hanging towels and dirty clothes.
Be the envy of your workout friends now with Slim Tread™
Welcome to the Slim Tread™ family!

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