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Sling Shot by Base Camp X

Sling Shot by Base Camp X
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The BCX Sling Shot is a very unique design that has it’s shape inspired by our axe handles. This limited run piece is hand cut and shaped for BCX by Nathan Masters… the master of all things slingshot.

A fork supported style of slingshot with an “over the top” banding profile, this slingshot is extremely powerful. The Spectraply laminate core ensures strength and the Hickory scales make it a BCX beauty, a true function meets form.


:: Custom pressed Spectraply Laminate core
:: Hickory scales
:: 3/4” straight cut band – Theraband Gold
:: Rockstar Pouch

Each BCX Slingshot includes:

:: Banded Slingshot
:: Additional band and pouch assembly
:: 1 Civilware Target – Hand screened
:: BCX Tribe Patch
:: Banding instructions and safety guidelines

3/8” steel ammo is what we recommend and there are a variety of pouch styles and different bandsets that can be used with this BCX platform.

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