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Slot Shots Divided Shot Glasses

Slot Shots Divided Shot Glasses
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Slot Shots Divided Shot Glasses. Mix layered drinks in your mouth, not in your glass. Pour ingredients into each compartment for unique drink infusions Includes 4 glasses: 2 with 1/2 divider and 2 with 1/3 divider Durable, outdoor-safe acrylic Recessed divider walls for easy sipping Quick-pour spout makes pouring simple BONUS: includes 10 coasters with 20 layered drink recipes, including:

-Girl Scout Cookie -PB&J -Pineapple Cake -Candy Corn -Kamikaze Layered drinks, anyone? Ok, so who doesn’t love the taste of layered drinks? Slot shots lets you make them a lot without having to be a pro bartender. Brookstone libation testers* also report that layered drinks are more flavorful as the drinks ingredients mix in your mouth – not in your glass. Time to party! Slot Shots divided shot glasses by Brookstone. Order yours today. Please drink responsibly. *Joe and Rene, specifically

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