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Small Transparent SpeakerSmall Transparent Speaker

Small Transparent SpeakerSmall Transparent Speaker
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The Small Transparent Speaker is designed to perfection down to every last detail. The product is simplified and refined down to the essentials, constructed by one single aluminium “uniframe” and tempered glass panels.

Despite its smaller size this speaker still delivers a surprisingly big sound. The acoustic engineers has made a great accomplishment with both the speaker elements design and the digital signal processing. The sound is rich, yet balanced. We’re very impressed by our engineering team, and very proud of this speaker.

Our design philosophy is to make honest products that works great and lasts over time. We have simplified the design to only the essential and iconic elements. We want the music to be in focus of the expression, the most important aspect of a loudspeaker.

Today many tech products become obsolete after only a year or so. We want this product to instead become better over time. The speaker comes with Bluetooth™ but there is a compartment in the bottom that can hold and power various wireless upgrades. For users that want a wifi multi room system we currently recommend the Chromecast Audio™. This way several speakers can contribute to play the same music, and the speakers can even be set to play left or right channel only. We also recommend the new Amazon Echo Input™ for people that want to have a voice controlled system. These small add-on devices is provided USB power and an audio line in socket on the bottom side panel. Note that they are not included in the box and is configured through these companies own smartphone-apps.

This “modular” setup is in order to offer solutions for many types of people, but also to let the speaker able to be upgraded with new technology over time. This way customers can keep the product and change only a small part, in stead of replacing the whole unit.

Made of an aluminium uni-frame and a tempered glass cabinet. This speaker is designed to be as much an interior object as a great piece of technology. Comes with Bluetooth™.

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