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Say goodbye to tasteless food and turn your everyday meal into an explosion of flavor!the Vritable smart indoor garden allows you togrow,harvestandenjoyyour own aromatics herbs and produce all year-end, very easily! Fully automated, thevritable smart indoor garden provides high performance led grow lights, irrigation and nutrients for your automaticallyadjuststhe LED’s intensitybased on the ambient light,to distribute theperfect amount of lightto your plants. TheVritable smart indoor garden is ideal for sunny or bright kitchens.the water reservoir holds three week’s worth of water. You can go on holidays and your Vritable Garden will take care of everything while you’re away. In addition, the led lights will blink when the water level is low and the reservoir needs to be filled up, no more dead plants!the patent pending Vritable Lingot is a 100% natural preseeded ready to use refills.all the parameters arecontroledandoptimized(ph, humidity, nutrients concentration, roots aeration, spacing between seed, depth) which ensuresregular harvests. All you need to do is pop them in one the 4 garden baskets. Plants are ready to be harvested in just 4 weeks and each Lingot guarantees regular harvests for 4 to 6 months.the Lingots are100% compostableandbiodegradable. They arepesticide-freeandgmo-free.there are more 68 Lingots refills covering aromatic herbs, greens, baby vegetables, edible flowers and small fruits!it includes 4 Vritable Lingots :- Organic Sweet Basil,- Organic Curly Parsley,- Organic Chives,- Oganic ThymeIt’s proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in France.

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