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Smarter Stand by Smarterflo

Smarter Stand by Smarterflo
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What is it? The Smarter Stand for iPhone is a cleverly designed product that combines two incredibly useful functions into one unique, compact product. The Smarter Stand keeps your Apple earbuds neatly wrapped and tangle-free, while also serving as a beutifully simple kickstand for your iPhone.

How does it work? The earbud wrap feature is quite obvious. It uses no mechanical parts but provides a simple platform for wrapping up your earbuds and keeping them tidy. For the kickstand feature, the Smarter Stand for iPhone is the first iPhone kickstand that takes advantage of your earphone jack – which means it works with or without a case (cases up to 3mm thick).

Will it damage my iPhone jack and earbuds? No: It will not damage your iPhone jack or your earbuds as long as you use it properly: Like with any other iPhone kickstand, you should avoid putting too much pressure on the iPhone when using the kickstand. Hitting the iPhone or applying too much pressure is not recommended for obvious reasons. The pressure put on the iPhone jack by the kickstand is small and your iPhone jack is designed to sustain much greater pressure like when you carry your iPhone in your pocket with the earphones plugged in.

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