SmartGurlz Maria Doll with Siggy Coding Toys

SmartGurlz Maria Doll with Siggy Coding Toys
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  • ✅ MARIA- Our Maria doll is a fan favorite. She’s the perfect doll companion for young girls as they learn to code. Maria is a wizard with numbers, popular, an outgoing artist and loves animals! Maria is studying math and dreams of solving that big equation. Maria is bound to find a hack that will help your kid learn coding or math.
  • ✅ AS SEEN SHARK TANK– SmartGurlz caught the Sharks attention after beating over 40,000 companies to make it on the show. Our award winning toy engages girls 5 and up to learn about coding and programming languages and has been recognized by the the BBC, Forbes, CNN, and Fox News for its work. Compatible with Android and IOS devices. Compatible with Android and IOS devices, break from the constraints of the classroom and computer to code.
  • ✅ A CODE LESS TRAVELED- SmartGurlz uses dolls and a kid’s friendly user app to interest young girls in coding. Break from the screen to teach young girls coding. SmartGurlz makes smart girls by creating the perfect doll and supporting app, teaching a coding and programming language kids can understand and enjoy.
  • ✅ HACK TO THE BASICS- Download the user and kid friendly Sugar Coded app to get started. Simply download on any smart device, and get to coding. Our Sugar Coded app provides multiple levels of play– providing obstacles, missions, and adventures that can inspire any future engineer or app developer via simple user-friendly smart phone games.
  • ✅MISSION ACCOMPLISHED- Our break through toy technology integrates the power of play with the power of technology. The Sugar Coded app provides e-books so you can learn about your character through a series of stories. Free-play let’s you control the scooter using the direction pad or present commands. Using Path, you can draw a path and your doll and robot siggy and Zara will follow. Play and complete missions using coding to execute tasks!
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