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Smartphone to screen 3D projector

Smartphone to screen 3D projector
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Do you really need a big TV or do you just need this mini LED projector to beam all the action from your smartphone to the wall or ceiling?

This nifty device is capable of projecting a screen size of 120 inches at 1080p resolution, or 4X larger than a 50-inch TV.

Your purchase includes a two-year warranty.

It uses the latest AirPlay/Miracast protocols and can likewise be plugged into a 5V/3A car charger to achieve the same effects as an outdoor cinema.

3D projector has built-in speakers and built-in rechargeable lithium battery so you don’t have to worry about power. Numerous ports make the device compatible with Android and iOs devices using USB plug. Can also support desktop PCs, PS4/Xbox, HD DVD and BluRay DVD.

RGB lamp can last 20,000 hours.

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