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Smartphone Temperature Sensor by Thermodo

Smartphone Temperature Sensor by Thermodo
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The Wimoto Thermo Bluetooth SMART plant sensor monitors growing conditions of your indoor or outdoor plants or lawn. Details are sent to compatible smartphones (iPhone 4S or later, selected Android devices) via Bluetooth SMART.

Both infrared non-contact and needle probe thermometer in one. Infrared range 0 to 212 Farenheit. Probe range is -50 to 500 Farenheit.
Relays information to Bluetooth 4.0 SMART Ready devices such as iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S and certain Android phones and tablets with up to 100ft range
Acts as a datalogger when no smartphone or tablet in range and records information periodically for up to a month at a time.
Runs for 1-3 years on a single battery (user changeable) and weather resistent
Integrates with Wimoto Cloud Cube for real-time, always-on updates via the Internet

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