car durable impact-resistant nylon play snack soft travel tray

Snack and Play Travel Tray

Snack and Play Travel Tray
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The Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray provides a sturdy surface for travel treats and toys. Perfect for your on-the-go family, this tray is designed to meet the needs of today’s travel-friendly children.

Convenience Wherever You Go
Every parent knows that when children can’t reach items, they become upset. You have to stop the car or reach behind to get the items your child wants. This inconvenience can cause you delays, disruption, and stress. The Snack & Play Travel Tray enhances your driving experience by providing a flat, safe area for your child to eat and play. Fitting most booster seats, the Travel Tray goes wherever your car seat does–even on airplanes.

Child-Safe, Durable Design
Made of soft, durable, 100 percent nylon with soft foam reinforcement that folds on impact, the tray buckles around your child, car seat, or stroller. The Travel Tray is built with two large side pockets conveniently located within easy reach, as well as a two-inch wall to stop toys or food from falling off. Easy and safe to use, it is also washable.
Car seat tray provides flat, safe area to eat and play
Fits most booster seats; buckles around children, car seats and strollers
Soft, durable, 100% nylon; soft foam reinforcement folds on impact
Includes 2 large side pockets and 2 ” wall stop
Recommended for on the go families

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