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Sno-Go Bike

Sno-Go Bike
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SNO-GO BIKE: SNO-GO is so versatile, that riders of any age or skill level can enjoy the SNO-GO ski bike. Sno-go mountain bike is intuitive, has low impact and allows mountain fun for the beginner rider to the most advanced rider. This is the ultimate winter mountain machine. Most people get the hang of it within a few runs. No need for a snow bike conversion kit when you have a SNO-GO bike! What you need is protection for your eyes. And the Bolle Tactical Goggles are the perfect choice.
STRUCTURE: SNO-GO skibike was made with the chairlift in mind. The chair lift hook is built at the industry standard chairlift height of 22” making unloading and loading this snowbike a breeze. The frame is made out of high quality aluminum making a strong bike that is lightweight for the perfect ride. This bike also has an adjustable stem to ensure the perfect fit.

SETUP: SNO-GO is equipped with the Rockshox judy fork which has turnkey lockout, external rebound, and 120 mm travel which make for soft landings and smooth riding. This bike has all mountain twin tip skis that have a full wood core, tip protectors, and full steel edges. The setup make it the perfect bike for tree runs, groomers and Powder.
EASE OF USE: The snowbike was built with the customer in mind. The quick release feature of the snow bike allows you to take it apart in seconds for easy storage and transportation. This snow bicycle also has intuitive bindings which increase performance, control, and stability, while allowing your feet to remain free.
S.L.A.T. TECHNOLOGY: S.L.A.T. allows you to turn, stop, and carve all by leaning on the handlebars. The skis are always maintained in a parallel position and when you lean side to side, the skis articulate with your movement. The rear control arms are mounted at a caster angle which allows the skis to shift from front to rear when you turn— for maximum control.

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