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SNOR Snore Eliminating Device

SNOR Snore Eliminating Device
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SNOR is a revolutionary device for eliminating the symptoms of snoring. It differentiates from other methods by solving the physical cause of snoring.

SNOR targets the muscles inside your mouth cavity, makes them strong, tight and eliminates the snoring problems for prolonged period of time. Unlike other devices on the market, there is no need to use SNOR every night during sleep. Simply use when needed.

The only comparable method to SNOR in its effectiveness is surgery (UPPP or Pillar Procedure). Surgery is an invasive method; risk of pain, possible infection, and long recoveries are common factors. The other problems associated with a surgical approach are the changes in the timbre of your voice, food making its way into your nasal cavity, and the inability to repeat the procedure when snoring returns. There are no such problems associated with SNOR. Just safe, effective results with the comfort of a good nights sleep.

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