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Snorkeling Kickboard

Snorkeling Kickboard
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Many people are just not comfortable floating face-down, semi-submerged, in deep water while breathing through a snorkel and clearing a leaky mask. Conventional ‘snorkeling gear’ just doesn’t meet the needs of millions of people. And the dive and snorkel industry has ignored this market….until now. If you prefer to remain on the surface, try the Intex Challanger K1 Kayak.

With the Zayak® Sea Sled, you float above the water. Your face doesn’t need to be submerged, yet you see every bit as well as if you wore a snorkel and mask.

The neoprene ‘dry’ mask blocks out all ambient light and distracting reflections allowing your eyes to see greater detail of the underwater environment. You provide the propulsion with your hands and feet (flippers are suggested, but not required).

The durable Zayak® Sea Sled provides the same excellent view as snorkeling but without the leaky mask and snorkel tube. And it is not just for tropical climates. In cooler water, it allows you to stay on-the-water longer, rather than in-the-water, reducing fatigue, exposure and discomfort.

The ergonomically designed Zayak® Sea Sled provides you with your own ‘glass bottom boat’ to study marine life, look for sea shells, lobsters, scallops and more.

There are provisions for hanging a baited line from the bottom of select Zayak® Sea Sled models so that you can photograph the fish that come to nibble and feed.

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