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SNOW-1 Smart Snowboard Bindings

SNOW-1 Smart Snowboard Bindings
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Analyze your snowboarding with the XON bindings and smartphone app
The SNOW-1 smart snowboard bindings are the first product in XON series. They can record, visualize and analyze your ride with real time tracking data displayed via the graphical UI of the XON smartphone app. Add a new dimension to your rides and improve your skills with XON SNOW-1.

Built-in Ultra-high Brightness Leds
The XON bindings have ultra-high brightness LEDs built into the heel and toe. Light levels will respond to the load level sensors in each binding. You can also activate the LEDs to create impressive light trail effects in your dusk riding videos.

Sensors That Capture All Your Riding, An Evolutionary Form Of Snowboard Bindings
With XON SNOW-1, 5 independent sensors can capture 13 different points of data. The load balance sensors embedded into the soles of each binding record one of the most important factors in snowboarding, two flex sensors that are attached to the board are able to detect board deflection. Furthermore acceleration, angular velocity, geomagnetism sensors are able to detect the rider’s position and direction.

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