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Snow Peak Sky Nest

Snow Peak Sky Nest
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Spend your night off the ground with a tent suspended in air. Feel like you floating while hanging in the trees. Feel the wind as s whole new world is opened.
Comes with a protective sheet to protect the tree’s bark. while you’re hanging.
Hangs on two trees
Construction passes through the hanging tent so you can easily set up the attachments to two trees. Once you suspend the body, you can easily set up the rest.
Large ventilator

It is fully equipped with large ventilator on the left and right upper part. Indoor air efficiency is well circulated, to keep the fresh outdoor air in your tent.
Safety and security structure
This tent was designed to take on all, it is a safe structure that provides peace of mind at a high intensity.

Shoes pocket
Since the bottom of the tent has a shoe pocket that can hold your shoes; your shoes will be safe even if it rains.
Spacious interior
Spacious size (220 × 130cm.) to help you relax while you’re sprawled out inside.
220cm x 110cm
Closed : W140 x H40cm

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