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SOAK Wood Fired Hot Tub

SOAK Wood Fired Hot Tub
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SOAK Wood Fired Hot Tub by ox + monkey
Inspired by the sleek lines and healing properties of the Japanese Ofuro soaking tub and infused with simple Bauhaus form, the SOAK is a two person, outdoor wood fired soaking style hot tub with a propane heating option.

Designed to create an intimate and restorative experience, the SOAK connects the users with the healing properties of water. It features an innovative side accessed stove fully integrated into a marine grade aluminum body, locally harvested Red Cedar and stainless steel stove pipe. With a commitment to quality, it is made utilizing specialized fabrication methods and tig welding.

The mix of naturally sourced red wood cedar and the incredible lines of the quality metal fabrication makes the SOAK a piece of art right in your backyard.

All-in-one: The SOAK comes with everything you need built in. Shelving and seating have been thoughtfully designed. Included is a separate roll-up operational cover that is integral to the heating process.
Small footprint and very portable the SOAK can be set up almost anywhere with a little site preparation. It is easy to ship, requires little assembly and can move with you if you relocate. No need for cranes or 5 of your biggest friends to help you move it!

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