Sock Your Pet – Personalised Pet Socks

Sock Your Pet – Personalised Pet Socks
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Your sock collection is severely lacking in the ‘adorable tribute to your pet’ department. This needs to be rectified immediately. We recommend our personalised Pet Socks. (Or should that be PAW-sonalised?! Probably not, because they’re for your feet, not your pet’s. Moving on.) Just upload your photo and we’ll repeat your pet’s face across your very own pair of cosy socks. They’re seriously comfortable, chosen specifically for how magical they feel on your feet. Even if your pet’s face wasn’t on them, you’d probably still want a pair. The only rule is one pet face per pair of socks. If you had been deliberating over which family pet was your favourite, now’s the time to choose. Just don’t let the other one see your new socks. In fact, best to buy another pair with their face on. We don’t want to start any feuds.

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