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SoftPad-A-PH InfraMat Pro

SoftPad-A-PH InfraMat Pro
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Far-Infrared light + Negative Ions + Heated Natural Gemstones= all in one mat!

Medium size 36″ x 18″ x 1.2″ (90 cm x 45 cm x 3 cm)
Net weight 12 lbs (6 kg); comes with a carrying case
Part of our InfraMat Pro™ line of healing mats, the SoftPad-A-PH is a portable heating pad that combines the healing properties of natural Amethyst crystals with the therapeutic benefits of Far-Infrared light. Far-Infrared technology was pioneered by NASA and was recently used to successfully reduce the painful side effects from radiation and chemotherapy for cancer patients.

Great for:
-Relaxing Sore Muscles post-workout
-Chronic Pain-Relief
-use in tandem with Massage Therapy
-General Wellness

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