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Softub Whirlpool

Softub Whirlpool
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Softub Whirlpool + Rattan Surround (Espresso)
The Softub 300+
Accommodating up to six adults, this spa allows you and your friends or family to relax after a hard day and enjoy tranquility in the comfort of your own home.
The 300+ provides a therapy seat along with the comfort of barrier free seating and the rehabilitative benefits of 5 adjustable hydrotherapy jets, plus 2 pulsating jets strategically targeted to reach those commonly sore areas on your lower back.

This tub rolls through any standard door and doesn’t need special site preparation or those heavy cranes to get it into your back yard.
Just take it home, hook it up, add water and enjoy!
Weight 145 lbs
Dimensions 78 x 78 x 31 in
Color: Almond Pearl
Rattan Surround (Espresso)

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