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The Solar Charged Jacket by Vollebak

The Solar Charged Jacket by Vollebak
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When you can make your jacket glow like kryptonite, you know there’s some batshit crazy tech going on. Made from a highly responsive material that can be charged by exposing it to almost any light source, from the sun to your iPhone torch, the Solar Charged Jacket is one of the most technologically advanced jackets the world has ever seen.

Charge your jacket with the sun
The Solar Charged Jacket is fuelled fastest by sunlight as it’s brighter than anything else you’ll find, so the simplest and most efficient way to charge it is by wearing it outside during the day. Whether it’s for 2 minutes or 2 hours, the jacket will simply store the energy from the sun and start glowing as soon as it gets dark. With just a couple of hours’ charge it can still be glowing up to 12 hours later. Even on cloudy days, or left near a window, daylight is bright enough to charge it up.

You can use any light source to charge the jacket
The fabric reacts so rapidly you can see the jacket’s tech at work in as little as 2 seconds by holding your iPhone’s torch against the surface of any part of the jacket to pinpoint charge it. A small spotlit patch will instantly start glowing green – the darker the room, the brighter the glow. So if you’re heading out at night and your jacket has been stuffed in your bag all day, you can use whatever you have to hand to charge it – a head torch, your car headlights on full beam, even standing near a 60 watt bulb will do it.

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