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Solar Cherry Blossom Weatherproof Lights

Solar Cherry Blossom Weatherproof Lights
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Wireless and with little creativity decorate your outdoors with fun and lively colors, very different than what you would see anywhere else!

When the Cherry Blossom Flowers LED bulbs light up reflecting a sweet glow, it almost seems so real as it lights up your garden ..These shiny delights come in warm yellow, bright white and in multicolored options to select from. They are on a string of 20 LED lights with a solar power panel. No need to plug them into a wall outlet, just set them up during the day so that they recharge fully and you will almost forget all about it until they start glowing at night! They will stay on for 8 to 10 hours and disappear in daylight to recharge fully and light up at night again!

Made from highest quality of LED lights are rated at 30,000 hrs that is about 11 Years of normal 7 – 8 hours of use every day. Waterproof and all Weatherproof, these are a perfect way to add the holiday glow to your house and your garden.

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