Solid Lotion Bar GIFT

Solid Lotion Bar  GIFT
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free gift This item comes with 1 free tube of lip balm This fabulous little bar is perfect for your purse, and even better for your luggage- it won’t spill or burst! It comes in a 2 ounce re-usable tin with a screw top. This all natural bar is made with shea butter, cocoa butter, natural beeswax and essential oil. This lotion bar is solid, but when rubbed against your skin, it will slowly become softer. The combination of oils and butters and the warmth of your skin coincide to create a luxurious, moisturizing experience! This is great for all-over body use and lasts a deceptively long time. This is for one lotion bar in one 2 ounce tin. Ingredients and Benefits: Beeswax: high in vitamin a which supports cell reconstruction Cocoa butter: hydrates and nourishes skin and improves elasticity Coconut oil: highly moisturizing

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