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Solio Bolt Solar Charger

Solio Bolt Solar Charger
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The Solio Bolt solar charger is the perfect solution for recharging electronics in the backcountry or having an easy and free way to power up in an emergency. Its onboard battery and rotating solar panels allow the Bolt to charge anything from a smartphone, cell phone and MP3 player to an e-reader, GPS or camera. The Bolt can be charged from the sun, USB port or the wall and in turn uses the devices charging cable to charge from its USB port.

It’s never been easier to plug into the sun.Bolt utilizes a high temperature rated Li-Poly rechargeable battery which provides for efficient charging in high heat..Includes a pencil which once inserted into the center acts as a sundial, allowing user to most effectively position panels for charging..Also includes Micro-USB to USB cable for charging the Bolt via USB port/wall adapter.

Battery pack and solar charger keeps electronic devices fully charged via on-board battery and rotating solar panels; charges thousands of popular USB powered gadgets
Accepts charge from the sun via two high-efficiency solar panels, micro-USB power in-port, or wall outlet with optional adapter (sold separately), and holds charge for up to a year
Multi-function LED light indicates battery level and charging status , and one full BOLT charge will give most smartphones two (or more) complete charges
Four-hour, 30-minute charge time via USB port/wall charger, eight-to-ten-hour charge time via sun, and three-year average battery life; measures 3.5 by one by 3.5 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 5.3 ounces
Comes with Solio Bolt solar charger, USB charge-in cable, Micro-USB charge-out cable, pencil, and Quick Start Guide

Anything – Simply connect to the Bolt using your device’s own USB charging cable, no need for extra tips or unneeded cables.
Anytime – Holds charge for up to a year in it’s 2000mAh rechargeable/replaceable battery. The Bolt will give most Smartphones two complete charges.
Anywhere -Charge the Bolt from the Sun, USB port, or the wall. Just insert a pencil into the middle – and prop towards the sun, use the included USB charging cable, or by using a USB wall adapter (sold separately)
Your Solio Bolt includes: Solio Bolt Solar Charger, USB charge- in cable/Micro-USB charge out cable, Pencil, Quick Start Guide

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