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SolSource Solar Cooker

SolSource Solar Cooker
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How did you come up with the idea for this product?
In 2007, our CEO, Dr. Catlin Powers, began working with nomads in the Himalayas to reduce household air pollution exposures from indoor cookstoves. Together with the nomads, she developed SolSource technology through years of testing and iteration. In 2015, Norwegian entrepreneurs, Guro Grytli Seim and Even Haug Larsen, joined the team to drive forward our cutting edge solar storage technology and present SolSource to customers in Europe and the US.

What makes your product special?
The reflective material and design makes SolSource unique. The reflective material is 92% efficent, has been tested to withstand 6 years in sandstorms without a decrease in efficency. SolSource is therefore extremly efficent, powerful and durable. We have also won several prices on the design of SolSource. Our goal was to make a solar cooker that looked amazing and was easy-to-use. We believe we succeeded in both 😉

What has been the best part of your startup experience?
Not only did we get the chance to test SolSource on the TV program Top Chef, but talking with the chefs after the shoot and hearing how they loved using SolSource was magical. When you have worked so hard to develop a product for years, and then professional chefs love your product, it´s a great feeling! Not entirely sure this is a good fit for you? Maybe a classic outdoor grill is a better choice. Check out the Blackstone 1554 Grill.

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