Soxies – More than feeling

Soxies – More than feeling
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Since I’m standing a lot myself everyday which results in sore and stinging feet, I had to keep myself occupied intensely with the topic of foot relief.

This lead to the development of SoXies. Standing over a long period of time can be straining for one’s feet, as well as the arch of the foot, which can lead to exhaustion of the feet. With its integrated ergonomic Gel Pad, SoXies support and soften the arch, which causes the feet to relax. In addition, the TPR-Gel Pad massages your feet with every step you take.

I’ve tested a lot of different possible insoles. None of them were flexible and most of them don’t fit in every shoe. SoXies, on the other hand, only support where it is needed, at the arch. Whether you work in a restaurant, as a craftsman, in an office or travelling to fairs, SoXies will help you get through your day.

Use SoXies in your free time, while hiking, at events, at Sightseeing-Tours or while at an amusement park.
SoXies will help to recover your feet after doing sports.
At home, you can wear SoXies in shoes, in slippers or just the socks alone.

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