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Spice Inside Grill Skewers

Spice Inside Grill Skewers
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Get the maximum amount of flavor into your grilled food with our Spice Inside grill skewers. Each grill skewer in this set of four connects to a generous canal for you to fill with your favorite dried herbs or spice rub. Load the skewers with fresh meat and veggies, then grill to perfection. Your food will be infused with flavor from the inside out. Perfect for adding a wallop of taste to kabobs and fruit, these sharp accessories will surely become your go-to chicken skewers, as well. Each measures 13″ in length.

Features of our Spice Inside Grill Skewers:

Set of four, two-piece skewers
Stainless steel construction
Dishwasher safe
Each skewer is 13″ x 1 1/3″.

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