Spiderman webshooter signal projector torch keyring

Spiderman webshooter signal projector torch keyring
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Awesome Keychain torch or even more awesome spidey signal to install into your own webshooters?… You decide (Link to web-shooters further down)… If you are a militant Marvel fan just like me, you will know to hang around after the credits at the end of the movie. If you hung around after Civil War, you’d have seen Peter Parker playing with a new set of web shooters that were given to him by Tony Stark. Whilst fiddling around he accidentally pushes a switch which beams a bright Spiderman logo at the ceiling. This was meant as a cool Easter egg based off his “Spidey Signal” in the comics. Many of you in the cosplay community have been waiting for somebody to build the projector unit to install into your own web-shooters, so i decided to take on that challenge. After months of planning and partnering up with designers around the world, here is the final project and i am overwhelmed with how awesome it is!!!

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